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These pictures show what can be done differently with flowers to make your day very special. As you can see from the following, prices for wedding decorations vary depending on how elaborate you wish to go. Arrangements with roses and other expensive blooms, although very showy, are pricey. Allow us to help with suggestions to meet your budget. Use designs that have a similar look but with less pricey flowers or fewer flower numbers. Add a little something different from these ideas, to create the awesome, memorable day you deserve. 
All prices are for arrangements as shown-let us custom build arrangements ideally suited to you.   

Note: Flower arrangements below DO NOT include wedding cakes, chairs, quest books or silver trays 

wfr 04-21  

wfr 5-31

 wfr 21-31

wfr 27-11

from  $400.00 from  $135.00 from  $20.00 from  $425.00

wfr 33-31 

wfc 02-11

wfc 23-11 

wfr 29-11

from  $60.00 from  $170.00 from  $225.00 from  $175.00

cwf 6531  

cwf 8511

cwf 2821

 cwf 2011

from  $330.00 from  $40.00 from  $90.00 from  $25.00

cwf 1511 

cwf 8111 

cwf 4411 

cwf 6541

from  $150.00 from  $230.00 from  $190.00 from  $110.00