Price Guide and Rentals

Weddings can be very pricey and budgets can get out of line very fast. We have compiled a list of people you might consider for flowers for your wedding. This is a guide which may be cut back or added to, based on how large or formal the day will be. We also offer common wedding rentals listed below. We will work closely with you to stay within budget, helping to make the whole process less stressful and more enjoyable. As a rule of thumb, wedding day floral expenses amount to about
10-12% of total wedding budget.

Bridal bouquets range in price from about $35.00 to prices in the hundreds of dollars depending on size, variety of flowers and seasonal availability of certain floral varieties. Examples of more conservative priced flower arrangements would use daisies or mums with some mini carns in either a traditional holder or a trendy hand tied bouquet. Pricier designs might include roses done up in a close knit arrangement (Martha Stewart style) to those arranged with exotic or very pricey blooms (calla lily, gardenia, special orchids, etc).

Let the Marquis Flowers staff assist you in the planning the flower arrangements for your special day.

A list of possible people you may consider for floral arrangements:

1. Brides bouquet (of course !! )
2. Bridesmaids bouquets
3. Flower girl
4. Corsages for...

a. mothers of bride & groom
b. grandmothers
c. sisters
d. aunts
e. soloist/pianist
f. guestbook attendant(s)
g. close friends

5. Throw away flowers (free if full wedding booked ), 3 roses presentation style
6. Boutonnieres

a. groom
b. groomsmen
c. ushers
d. fathers
e. ring bearer
f. grandfathers
g. master of ceremonies
h. minister
i. close friends

Flowers may also be desired for: (some may also be used at service and / or reception area)

1. Rehearsal dinners
2. Brides home on wedding day (bedrooms, bathrooms etc)
3. Alter flowers (larger baskets)
4. Wedding arch / candelabras
5. Pew markers (flowers or bows)
6. Flower baskets / plants
7. Wedding night accommodations
8. Gift opening
9. Honeymoon accommodations

Reception flower arrangements to consider might include:

1. Guest book table / receiving area
2. Head table arrangements
3. Candle / flower arrangements
4. Cake / cake table decorations
5. Table centerpieces
6. Washrooms
7. Other hall decorations

Rentals available:

- $50.00 cleaning & damage deposit/ rental required
- CREDIT CARD NEEDED (refunded if returned in good condition)

1. Candelabras- 7 & 9 candles / unit

a. black $55.00 / pair
b. white, gold $75.00 / pair

2. Wedding arch

a. decorated in your colors-silk $65.00
b. wedding arch with lights, ivy greens $75.00

3. Tall wicker basket arrangements

a. Fresh flowers $75.00 each and up
b. Silk flowers $60.00 per pair

4. Pew markers (bows)
5. Bud vases, brandy snifters and baskets for flowers
6. Pillars (marble look ) different sizes / set of 2 --$30.00, $50.00, $75.00, $100.00
7. Silver star rentals : priced each

3.5 - .10
5 - .25
9 - .50
12 - .75
15 - $1.00


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